Saturday, July 17, 2004

Lectures I want to go back and look at:

  • sections taken out of Presence of the Word

  • "Sound-Sight Split in Latin," (N.D.); discussion of glamour/grammar, two words which Tolkien plays with in "Farmer Giles of Ham"

  • "Remembrance: The Past as Life for the Future," (1976); discarded from "Maramantha"

  • "Primary Oral Culture and the Literate Mind," (1975)

  • "Media Transformed: The Talked Book," (1975); compare with printed versions?

  • "Oral Culture and the Literate Mind," (1977); how different from 1975?

  • "Orality and Literacy: Medieval and Renaissance Phases," (1983)

  • "Biblical Text as Interpretation," (1984); relies on Stock's notion of textual communities

  • "MLA Talk: Print Culture," (1984)

  • "MLA Talk: Literacy Studies," (1984)

  • "Medieval and Renaissance Anthologizing: A Stage of Consciousness," (1985)

  • "Writing is a Technology that Restructures Thought," (1984)

  • "Writing: The Technology that Resturctures Thought," (1985)


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