Thursday, August 26, 2004

Preliminary inventory of Walter J Ong Collection materials received 24
August 2004

39 cardboard boxes
4 four-drawer file cabinets
1 two-drawer file cabinet
4 2-drawer stackable metal boxes
2 metal index card boxes

Cardboard boxes (descriptions taken from labels written on each box)
-Some books citing Ong's work
-Some books citing Ong's work & all of Ong's computer documents on disc
-Some dissertations directed by Ong and/or Making use of his work, presented to him by their authors (1 of 2; see box 4)
-Various articles/writings for dissertations (2 of 2l; see box 3)
-Papers on desk & bookcase by desk
-Desk ref & papers, i-card files listing all works
-Papers on desk, on top of file cabinets, in bookcase by file cabinet; desk ref.
-Desk ref & bookcase by desk
-Desk ref. books
-Papers in bookcase by file cabinet & books on poetry
-Papers/correspondence in bookcase by file cabinets
-Books: poetry, classics
-Poetry books
-Books: poetry, history
-Poetry, philosophy books
-English and American anthologies of lit
-Ref & English lit
-English lit and history
-English lit, history; PMLA
-Religious thought, Eng lit
-Religion, psychology, philosophy
-Prayer books, English lit and history
-Extra copies of books by Ong with a few extra copies of books or journal issues treating his work
-Extra offprints of articles by Ong besides those in his files, and extra copies of books containing article by him in addition to copies on shelves here below
-Linguistics/Rhetoric/Hermeneutics; books in bookcase next to bathroom
-Linguistics/Rhetoric/Hermeneutics; bookcase by bathroom
-Linguistics/Rhetoric/Hermeneutics; bookcase by bathroom
-Linguistics/Rhetoric/Hermeneutics; books from bookcase next to bathroom
-Linguistics/Rhetoric/Hermeneutics/Orality; bookcase by bathroom & ref books on desk
-John Milton complete prose works; M. McLuhan
-Invitations accepted and not accepted
-Books by Ong; working copies & works by various authors allied or sources to Ong, works on Ramus
-Books by Ong, working copies
-Wrapped books, 1 of 5
-Wrapped books, 2 of 5
-Wrapped books, 3 of 5
-Wrapped books, 4 of 5
-Wrapped books, 5 of 5

4-drawer File Cabinets
-General files, drawers 1-4
-General files, drawers 5-8
-General files, drawer 9; Publications 1-3
-Publications 4-7

2-drawer File Cabinet
-Some offprints/drafts using Ong's work and conference sessions on Ong's work, etc., drawers 1-2

4 2-drawer stackable metal boxes
-Bib cards A-D, E-EN
-Bib cards EN-PH, PH-RS
-Bib cards RS-Z; address & supplies
-Ramus materials

2 Metal index card boxes
Ramus materials
-Ramus materials


At 8:11 PM, Blogger Clancy said...

Hey, John, have you seen this article on Ong? I got it at the McLuhan blog.



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