Friday, January 07, 2005

I met with John Waide and Chris Harper today to discuss the next stage of the project as I'm on the last of the boxes. Fr. Ong organized his files well, so I'll be using his organization for the most part. I'll probably change the category Ong labeled "publications" to "scholarship" with subcategories along the lines of "publications," "lectures," and "sources" to better integrate the lecture typescripts and various research materials he sent over years ago.

We're not sure what we are going to with the books yet, but it looks like we'll probably only keep books of particular interest or importance, which probably means a many of his working/revising copies, heavily annotated books, and probably gift-inscribed books from people like McLuhan. (We will keep all of his books he kept for archival purposes.) All annotations, bookmarks, and inserts will be photocopied, recorded, and/or kept. Books which Pius XII Memorial Library doesn't own will be integrated into the library's collection, and books that the rest of the books will probably be given away. But nothing's been decided yet.


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