Friday, March 11, 2005

I've returned to the Midwest Jesuit Archives to borrow a number of items. I took:

-a framed picture of both Ong's mother and father, both taken about the time of their marriage
-two portraits of Fr. Ong
-picture taken of Ong during the "Freedom and the American Catholic" broadcast
-picture of honorary doctorates at Notre Dame, 1982. Includes Fr. Ong and physicist Stephen Hawking.
-picture of honorary degrees recipients at Holy Cross, 1976. Includes Fr. Ong and Mother Teresa
-picture of Fr. Ong returning from fishing, 1974
-NYT obit and 3 memorial mass programs
-portrait of Ong family (father, mother, Ong, and brother)
-large envelope of misc. pictures
-Marionist Award
-scouting photos
-Jamboree photos
-natural history photos
-scrapbook made by Ong's aunt Ida Mense
-MLA Award for "A Writer's Audience is Always a Fiction"
-Rockhurst graduating class photo
-envelopes of Renaissance bookplates


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