Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I've mentioned the fact that our plan is to mark up the collection finding guide in Encoded Archival Description for easy searching (2 Feb. 2005, 12 July 2004). It's got me thinking about the use of tagging metadata as a mnemonic function and an excellent way for managing data, and I'd even thought about trying to create a set of key words to mark entries in this blog to easiily find subjects by topic.

So, imagine my delight upon finding an entry on the Depraved Librarian blog which links to the NYT story "'Tags' Ease Sifting of Digital Data". At the bottom of the post were a number of links -- tags -- to sections of Technorati. She was metadata tagging her blog and linking the topics to other Technorati linked sites, to Flickr, Furl, and

I'm going to try to tag my entries from now on as well as work on back tagging old entries.

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