Monday, February 13, 2006

Moved Again and a Digital Project Might Begin

On Jan. 31, I finished moving out of the office I'd moved into this past summer. I always knew the office was going to be temporary, but I hoped I'd be there a few more months. The good news is that there's real space for me again in the St. Louis Room, and it's actually better than my old work area. The move itself took place to make room for the newly established Digital Resources Librarian, whom I've sense met, and we've already begun discussing some potential digitization projects for the collection. As I think I've mentioned here before, I'm really interested in digitizing and putting up on the Web Ong's 1950-1953 "Route Book," which he kept during his dissertation research travels, and the 180 or so slides that go with it. I'd like to provide both scans and an edited transcription of the route book, and display the images with the relevant sections of text. This would, ideally, serve as the backbone of a much larger project that pulls together correspondence, lectures, notes, and other materials from the time period. There's some really cool connections that I'd like to see explored. While I can do the scanning and coding and will probably do some of both, having someone to handle the technical aspects of the project means I can focus on what I'm being paid for: knowing and contextualizing the material. And the fact that I could focus on that makes the project much more likely to happen sooner rather than latter.

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