Thursday, July 22, 2004

I spent most of today making an inventory of the three boxes of typescripts Fr. Ong had sent over before 1995. The most interesting was Ramus Method and the Decay of Dialogue. There were two complete typescripts, one a working "rough" typescript and the other was a press copy with annotations for the printing. I learned that at one point, the title of Ramus was The Clunch Fist of Method: Ramus, Topical Logic, and the Hollows of the Mind. I also learned that there were two additional chapters, ch. 14: The Hollows of the Mind, and ch. 15: The Decay of Dialogue and the Nature of Man, which got cut late in the process. I first found them in the working draft, and was then surprised to find them in the press copy. I haven't spent enough time yet to say for sure, but I think at least some of these two chapters are unpublished. I list the typescripts in the July 14 entry.

After moving through the typescripts, I began making an inventory of the articles Fr. Ong had sent over in 1995. I got through 1962. Among other things, I learned that there was an Albertus Magnus Guild and they published a bulletin. Google doesn't pull up any signs of current life for the guild, but you can read about old Albertus, one of my favorite medieval scholars, at wikipedia. Huh, there's a Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT.

I met the audio-visual archivist today, who had been on a trip out of the country. He's keen to scan Fr. Ong's slides and to work with the audio recordings. Once things start going, I really want to start work on a New Media piece using materials from the collection.


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