Friday, August 27, 2004

I've begun working through the new material. I'm spending some time browsing the filing cabinets, but I'm to spend most of my time is going through the boxes of books. My current goal is to go through each book page by page looking for annotations, inserts, gift inscriptions, and the like. I'm to indicate each page each page that has something and then put the book on the shelf, grouping books together. So far this is slow going but the grouping is easy as I've started with Fr. Ong's working copies which are either books he's annotated for corrections/additions or teaching copies. Some highlights from today:

-A 1958 Ramus, Method, and the Decay of Dialogue which is heavily annotated and has a large number of additions to the bibliography. I've checked later editions and it appears the bibliography's never been updated.

-A teaching copy of Presence of the Word in which passages he appears to have read in class have had "or her" and "or she" written in. Notes in the margins seem to suggest that this was in 1991/92.

-Inserted at the beginning of the "Talked Book" chapter of Interfaces of the Word is a Family Circus cartoon in which the two boys run up to their grandmother, one of them holding a book above his head. The caption reads "Would you talk us a book, Grandma?"


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