Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Came across folders for SLU-based lectures Ong gave from 1990-1996. Included are folders for the 1990-1991 and 1991-1992 English Graduate Student Symposium series. Both Symposium series files contain a general overview, talking points for each symposium, and supporting materials (from handouts for the graduate students to essay's Ong draws from).

    1990-91 Series
  1. "History of English as an Academic Subject"

  2. "Orality, Writing, Print, Electronics"

  3. "Under Deconstruction"

  4. "More Under Deconstruction"

  5. "Tools, Body, Brain, and Writing"

  6. "You and Your Students"

    1991-92 Series
  1. "Where does the Study of English Come From?"

  2. "Nouns versus Pronouns"

  3. "Evolution Toward Language: Continuity and Impasse"

  4. "The Alliance of Language (and Thought) with Sound"

  5. "Three Fields of Hermeneutics"

  6. "Writing, Print, and Electronics All Restructure Thought" (the original schedule title was "Computer-assisted Thought"

The 1991-92 series includes a short piece by Ong titled "Text as Technology." His notes say that he found it in a file of correspondence with the Rome-based journal Prometeo, but he never sent it to them.

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