Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ong seems to have kept his syllabi and course notes on index cards. As I've mentioned before, he could print extremely small, and thereby pack an index card full of information. The courses I've found:

-Orality and Literate Cultures
-The Origins and the Study of Literature
-Polemic in Literary and Academic Tradition: An Historical Survey
-The Practice of Interpretation of Prose/Practical Criticism: Prose
-The Practice of Interpretation of Poetry/Practical Criticism: Poetry
-Literature and the Nature of the Word
-Interdisciplinary Studies: Media and the Developments of Character, Plot, and Genre
-Modern Critical Theories
-The Study of Language: History of the English Language
-Technology and the Creation of Literature
-The Renaissance in England
-Renaissance Poetry and Prose
-Renaissance Literature: Prose
-Formation of the Renaissance Mind
-From Dialogue to Enlightenment
-Studies in Renaissance Literature: Poetry Exclusive of Drama and Epic
-Seminar in Renaissance Literature: Prose Writers and Techniques
-Studies in English Prose Developments: Renaissance Prose and the Educational Tradition
-Renaissance Literature: Genre and Society
-Seminar in Renaissance Literature: Literature and Rhetoric
-Renaissance Literature: Genre and Society
-Seminar in Renaissance Literature: [The Reader and] Sixteenth Century Literature
-Seminar in Renaissance Literature: The Age of Milton
-Seminar in the Nineteenth Century: Hopkins' Poetry and Theology
-Themes in Literature: Existentialism
-Language as Hermeneutic
-Modern Literature: British and American Poetry in Transition
-Seminar in Modern Literature: British and American Poetry
-Modern Literature: Poetry
-Seminar in Modern Literature: Poetry and Evolutionism
-Seminar in Modern Literature: Existentialist Themes
-Seminar in Modern Literature: T.S. Eliot's World and Works

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