Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I moved back into my workroom yesterday. We got me a real desk to add to my worktable, so I now have drawers to store things in, and I kept two of Fr. Ong's filing cabinets as well. I don't need nearly this much storage space, but the tops of the cabinets provide much needed counter space.

The work room itself, or at least the half of it that doesn't house the pre-1800 printed books looks nice. The once light brown walls are now off-white and the orange-tan cork tile has been replaced with speckled white tiles which are all shiny from the layer of wax. Overall, the room is much brighter. We'll see how that changes once the ranges of books and boxes are back in place.

Next week the powers that be will discuss the layout of the room and I may need to move my desks and tables to accommodate but hopefully not. Once everything's figured out, I'll finally get a computer set up at my workstation.

I'm nearly done doing my first past through Fr. Ong's unfiled material. Some of the last items I'm working looking at are papers on his desk (as opposed to papers filed in his desk). This includes a tray of correspondence, most but not all of it, Christmas cards from 2001. It looks like he'd been using all this to put together a Christmas card list.

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