Monday, August 30, 2004

Flipped through a number of books today, more of Fr. Ong's working copies and some books on or related to Ramus. It's easy to enter into a hypnotic state when flipping through a book few or no annotations. When that starts to happen, I get up and do something else. Usually something else is browsing the filing cabinets, which are well organized and labeled, though it's taking me some time to figure out how Fr. Ong filed specific items.

In the filing cabinets I found a folder titled "Art: Some Sketches by Walter Ong." Among other things is an envelope labeled "1931-32 done during German class Rockhurst College." Most of the sketches in that envelope are of hands and heads. There's also some really good drawings of animals, which Fr. Ong copied out of a book. I want to do a multimedia piece with images, sound, text, and maybe video gathered from the archives, and if I do put it together, I want to use some of these.


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