Monday, April 18, 2005

Back to the archives today after a week of vacation. I finished off the last of the correspondence files and quickly worked through the rest of the C and all of the D files. I found the E files, which include English classes Fr. Ong both took and taught, quite interesting. Some highlights:

-Ong's Harvard Ph.D. exams and notes ("English, Miscellaneous" folder).

-course material from a 1998 intro to graduate studies course titled "The Origins and Study of Literature." The two major texts were Richard Altick's The Art of Literary Research and Terry Eagleton's Literary Theory: An Introduction. Ong referred these as the "old" and "new" orientations ("English, Miscellaneous: 152-600 The Origins and Study of Literature" folder).

-notes and old exams from classes Ong took from Marshall McLuhan here at SLU. They include McLuhan's courses "Rhetoric and Interpretation" and "The Practice of Interpretation: Prose" ("English Interpretation 152-481" folder), and "Special Graduate Reading Course (Renaissance)," "Studies in English Renaissance Literature: Poetry Exclusive of Spenser," and "Studies in English Renaissance Literature: Spenser" ("English, Renaissance 152-431" folder.)


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