Saturday, April 09, 2005

A great conference. The entire thing was video recorded and that will become part of the Archives. There are plans, or talk of plans, to create an edited DVD from the footage. Both the Ong Project local committee and the national advisory board met during the conference (I'm on neither). I've heard, but still need to confirm, that Saint Louis University's president has donated a University owned house just off campus to house a soon to be established Walter J. Ong Center. I'd heard earlier rumors of this house and I've heard much talk about a Center, so I'm pretty sure this is true. The house would need extensive renovation, however, before it can be used. I've also heard -- not from a member of the local committee or national advisory board so it's second hand -- that the Center will be named The Walter J. Ong Center for Media, Consciousness, and Culture.


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